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The Strange Case of Bobby Fuller

written by and copyright Aaron J. Poehler

Now available in ENCORE: The Anthology of Music Writing by Aaron Poehler


The world of music sometimes seems so filled with premature, tragic, and senseless deaths that they all blend into one woeful story: a young, talented musician cut down in the prime of his (or her) life, at the height of his creativity, just ahead of the cusp of mainstream success; it's a tale told time and again, from Robert Johnson's and Hank Williams' now seemingly prehistoric exits, to the airplane and car wrecks that have felled rockers from Buddy Holly to Marc Bolan, to the 1990's rash of suicides and overdoses--so many that upon hearing of the latest fatality, the weathered rock fan can only shake their head sadly at the predictability of the departures of minor figures like Material Issue's Jim Ellison or INXS's Michael Hutchence. Yet the bizarre story of Bobby Fuller still stands out from the crowd of rock & roll deaths for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the case remains unsolved to this day. The one Bobby Fuller track everybody knows--the classic single "I Fought the Law"--simply seethes with irony when the listener is aware of Fuller's brutal death. The amazing music he left behind despite being cut down at the age of 23 is the best argument for his legacy, but the circumstances surrounding that music's creation--and, perhaps, its inevitable termination--provide a puzzle with more twists and turns than any five Hollywood thrillers, and a mystery for the ages...



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